FACES is an intergenerational organization that works for environmental justice within communities in the United States and in the Philippines, and builds partnerships through advocacy, education, service, and organizing. FACES’ seeks to address transnational environmental justice issues that impact Filipino communities in both the United States and the Philippines, while remaining grounded in the personal stories, lives, and struggles of those affected worldwide.


FACES envisions an interconnected world where people are healthy and free to realize their potential through cooperation and solidarity. We aspire for communities that are accountable for the safety and well-being of each other and Mother Earth. We hope for a world where people respect the interdependence of species, protect and preserve the resources of the environment, and sustain all living creatures for present and future generations.

Who We Are: Board of Directors

Diana Abellera
Tia Taruc Canlas
Lisa DeCastro
Michelle Domocol
Leo Esclamado
Lisa Juachon
Adrien Salazar
Aileen Suzara
Mari Rose Taruc
Mia Villanueva


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