Philippine Recovery Is Tied to Climate Justice

Dear FACES family,

As advocates for climate justice, we see the link between disasters like Typhoon Haiyan and the disproportionate impacts of climate change on our communities. FACES asks you to join us, Filipino American leaders, and allies in the Bay Area in signing our Typhoon Haiyan Statement calling the US government to support long-term recovery in the Philippines and to commit to sound environmental policies to seriously address climate change.

As a transnational environmental justice organization concerned with climate change caused by big polluters like the US and Chevron, we know it’s important that recovery in the Philippines also push forward climate justice for impacted communities. We hope to connect the incredible relief efforts going on now to the reality of climate change affecting people’s lives all over the world, and ask you to sign on to the statement as individuals and organizations.

Will you stand with the Philippines and sign on to our
Typhoon Haiyan Statement for Climate Justice?


On the statement website, you can sign as an individual with the green form, or your organization can click the link to the organizational sign-on form.

Salamat for standing up for climate justice,

Adrien Salazar, FACES Board Chair
Mari Rose Taruc, FACES Campaign Coordinator